6 Benefits of an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer

Did you know that there are 48,570 personal injury attorneys in the United States? Though there are many to choose from, it is crucial to find a skilled lawyer that will help secure the best outcome for your case. Being injured in an auto-related accident is stressful enough, so finding a quality attorney to guide you is crucial.

Are you looking to bring a skilled professional into your case to guarantee positive results? Read on to learn the benefits of an Orange County personal injury lawyer who is experienced and ready to help.

1. They Will Be a Seasoned Negotiator

Newer, less experienced lawyers often seek speed in settling over results in personal injury cases. While putting the matter behind the client is certainly favorable, it is crucial to secure the best results so that the client may have a successful recovery.

A seasoned attorney will be a skilled negotiator who will not relent until they settle the case for what they know the client deserves. Often, negotiations are done directly through insurance companies. These experienced professionals on the other side have strategies that often cause newer attorneys to accept the first offer.

An experienced attorney who has conducted years of negotiation knows how to be patient and use their skills to reach a favorable amount. Using skillful tactics like listening attentively, framing the negotiation positively, and being pleasant to work with help experienced lawyers secure strong settlement amounts.

2. Your Claim’s Value Will Be Assessed Accurately

Quantifying the value of an auto-related personal injury claim can be very difficult to make from the outset. Specifics like the type of injury, degree of fault your client has, and history of the insurance company’s negotiation style all come into play in assessing a case’s value.

One of the benefits of a car accident lawyer who has handled many cases is that they have seen the way things typically settle. Having a general idea of how the case will go can help clients make informed decisions.

3. An Experienced Attorney Will You Avoid Careless Mistakes

Many people in a first-time auto-related accident do not understand the process. They may be quick to provide any information the insurance company requests, without considering how it could be used against them.

An experienced attorney can help their client walk through the process, from the moment of the accident and beyond. They can advise to not disclose medical records or provide a recorded statement to the insurance, as it may be used against the client’s best interests. Getting connected with a quality personal injury lawyer early on is the best way to reach favorable results.

4. You Will Have Peace of Mind That the Best Person Is on the Job

Imagine this- you have just been injured in a car crash. Not only is your vehicle totaled, but you are also experiencing severe back pain and being unable to move like you used to.

Just in 2020, there were 4.8 million medically consulted injuries from auto-related accidents. The damage that many people suffer is severe, and this can make complex decision-making for a post-accident settlement difficult to do with a clear head.

Being in an accident is stressful for the victim. Having the peace of mind that the financial end of things is being handled by an experienced lawyer provides some piece of mind, that will let the injured person start the road to recovery.

5. A Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Back Away From Going to Trial

Though the reality is that only 1% of civil cases in the United States go to trial, there is still the chance that proceeding into the courtroom may be best for your situation. Insurance companies fear an attorney’s decision to take a case to trial because sympathetic juries will often rule against the company and in favor of the hurt plaintiff.

You want to ensure that you work with a competent lawyer who is confident in representing you in a trial. Rather than finding someone who wants to settle quickly to avoid stepping foot into court, find someone that will represent you zealously at every stage.

Are you looking for a strong firm that will represent you every step of the way? The team at Katella Injury Attorneys would love to help secure a great settlement for your auto-related accident. They cover many areas of personal injury, including truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or rideshare accidents, their team is ready to get involved.

6. Your Claim Can Be Dealt With Efficiently

While some cases do go to trial as mentioned above, others are commonly seen and can be handled efficiently. An experienced personal injury lawyer has likely seen your type of case many times and will know the protocol to resolve it.

Though you want the best settlement amount possible, getting there quickly will give you the resources to focus only on recovery. A great lawyer will proactively work against possible bumps in the road to secure competition quickly.

Hire an Experienced Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering an auto-related accident is a stressful time. This is why it is all the more important to hire an experienced attorney who will give you quality representation. We recommend retaining a personal injury lawyer early on who will walk you through the process.

Our team at Katella Injury Lawyers would love to get you on the road to recovery. Contact us to learn why we are the top-rated accident lawyers in Anaheim, California. We wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

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